Home Care Tips During Monsoon Season

The most exciting seasons of the year – Monsoon is right here! Sitting in the balcony of the house and watching the raindrops kissing the surface of the earth is blissful. But, the continuous showers and excess moisture could take a toll on your home. Below are a few tips to follow to protect your homes during monsoons.

  1. Roof: The most important thing that needs to be repaired is the roof of your house. Get your roof checked properly before the monsoon arrives. Water patches on the ceilings are the biggest nightmares.
  2. Drainage System: The continuous heavy spell of rain for almost 3 hours on Tuesday in Jodhpur, which left several roads and houses inundated, brought to fore the shortcomings of the storm-water drains in the city. The situation could have been avoided if we were prepared in advance. It becomes the duty of residents to report to the Municipal Authorities well in advance about the poor drainage system in their localities. Hence, before the onset of monsoon rains, double check the drainage system and make sure the gutters are placed to the opposite direction of your home to prevent rainwater from entering your home. The drain has to be kept in check every day to prevent drain water from getting inside your home.
  3. Paint: When the exterior of the walls become wet due to the rains, cracks result in water seeping into one’s homes. Therefore, it is advised to paint your homes at least once in every five years to keep them dry during monsoon season.
  4. Get the cracks filled: Make sure to get those cracks filled in your walls before the onset of monsoon.
  5. Check for any faulty appliances: Make sure to fix things like loose wires, old broken switches and other things to save you and your family from unexpected shocks before the outbreak of monsoon.

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