How to Stay Warm In Winter Season?


Winters are here! Keeping warm both inside and outside your home can help reduce risk of serious health problems that are more common in the colder months, such as chest infections, heart attacks and strokes. Here are some tips that would help you stay warm in this season.

  1. Wear multiple layers of clothes: Dress up in layers to keep your body warm and cosy.
  2. Open Window curtains during daytime: People often shut the doors and windows during this season as they think it would make the atmosphere cold. But, instead one should keep the curtains open during daytime to let sunlight naturally heat the home.
  3. Stay Active: Clean your home or exercise whenever you feel the sting of coldness. By staying active, you’ll naturally increase your core temperature.
  4. Keep Bathroom Doors Open after its usage:Let the warm, humid air seep out into the rest of your home by keeping your bathroom door open.
  5. Don’t Run Bathroom Ventilation Fans:While ventilation fans draw out unpleasant smells after using the bathroom; it also sucks out warm air. Light a candle to eliminate smells to keep your bathroom warm throughout winter months.
  6. Light by Candles: A different but useful technique; Along with saving on energy costs by keeping your light off, candles also produce a decent amount of heat. While not as warm as a fireplace, these small heaters can keep your immediate area warm. Candles can be especially good for warming hands.
  7. Don’t Skip the Coffee or Tea: Along with the caffeine boost, hot coffee or tea keeps you warm from the inside. Want to avoid stimulants? Drink decaffeinated coffee or tea.

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