Tips for Cleaning House during Diwali


Diwali is just around the corner. There is one thing about this festive season that can be of a bit bother. And I know most of them would agree with me on this and that is – cleaning. We all tend to get in a mad rush to get our homes spic and span before Diwali. Starting the cleaning process a little earlier will ensure that your house is sparkling this festive season.

Cleaning the whole house means a lot of work. It requires a lot of energy too. We wonder where to start our cleaning from and how to end this as soon as possible without straining our health. To ease Diwali house cleaning, here are few tips. These cleaning tips and proper planning can make the Diwali task easier.

  • Start with wardrobe: It is very easy to clean small furniture and things. You will hardly take 2 hours to clean your wardrobe. Throw the clothes that are torn and old. Arrange your daily wear together.
  • Clean the bed boxes: All the blankets, covers, boxes and unused clothes are stored in the bed boxes. The wooden boxes need cleaning. Clean with a dry piece of cloth. If you cannot enter or reach the boxes, use a dry moping rod.
  • Reach the fans and lights: Clean the fans every 2-3 months so that the speed of the fan doesn’t reduce and the brightness of the lights does not go down. Diwali decoration also includes these fans and lights. Clean the lights and fans with a dry piece of cloth to prevent getting an electric shock.
  • Kitchen: This is the worst place to clean in the house. There are so many cabinets, small boxes, gas stove, slabs, exhaust fan and utensils. Clean everything slowly, if you can’t do in one day, divide the task into two or more days.
  • Windows and grills: We should never clean the windows and fans first. The dirt and dust deposit on the windows and grills very easily. So once you are done, clean grills with soapy solution and wipe with a dry cloth piece to finish the Diwali cleaning task.
  • Curtains and sofa covers: Last but not the least, clean the curtains and sofa covers. They should always be cleaned at the last. It eases Diwali cleaning.

I hope these tips might ease out your Diwali cleaning task. If you have more ideas, do share it with us.


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