5 Secrets For A Happy Home


Have you ever gave a thought on how some changes you did to your house last month made you feel happier? It’s a scientifically proven truth that whatever you surround yourself with significantly affects your mood and outlook on life. Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make these simple changes around the house to make you feel happier.

  1. Plants: Houseplants do much more than just beautifying your indoor spaces. Research shows that keeping plants inside your homes can bring a host of physical and mental health benefits. They make you feel happier by reducing stress, anxiety and depression.
  1. Objects: Sometimes an object is just an object and sometimes it’s much more! The reason some hold high importance in life is due to the fact that they are associated to part of your life which you would like to be reminded of again and again. So, don’t let go off those things and display them around your homes to remind you of the good times and bring up positivity all around.
  1. Bed: We are always attracted to clean and fresh things. Then why to leave your bed behind? Making a bed can actually make a huge difference on your happiness. It makes you feel positive and productive throughout the day.
  1. Light: Poor lighting makes you feel sad and gloomy as well as lethargic. Lighting has a major impact not only on how it makes your room look but also on how it makes you feel.
  1. Artefacts: Modern research has shown that when our eyes connect with a colour, our brains release different chemicals that impact us on a physical and emotional level. Before choosing any particular colour for your walls, do a little personal assessment of how a colour impacts you and your family.

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