Add a Rajasthani Twist to your Home!


Everyone dreams of having a perfect home, a home that defines their taste and is also modern while keeping their traditions intact. Many spend millions trying to achieve the perfect warmth in their homes. In the pursuit to make our homes look more in-style and fashionable we have forgotten and moved away from our traditional Indian designs.

Being a Rajasthani, how can one forget the essence of our rich culture?

Here are some ideas which you can incorporate to give your homes an ethnic appeal.

  • Drapes: Rajasthan offers a variety of fabrics and prints that can be incorporated into your décor. You can choose one that is apt for your home and that matches your style & home interior. For an unusual twist, you can also take an old silk sari and get it stitched into a curtain. Or you can even drape it around the curtain rod and let it fall on the sides.
  • Furniture: If you are looking to buy furniture or refurnishing your place, this could be for you. Antique furniture is graceful and never goes out of style. You don’t need to go full on and buy all, but instead opt for smaller pieces to compliment your existing or upcoming décor.

Side tables, chest of drawers, trunks, and chairs are some pieces you can look out for. They don’t distract or aren’t in your face, but objects that will merge and add warmth to your home. Rajasthani style of furniture is good for such pieces.

  • Handicrafts: Being easily available, it’s even easier to clutter your home with Indian handicrafts. Be choosy and only buy what is really different. Don’t go for things that can be found anytime and anywhere, that makes them common and being common you can pick them up anytime you decide to redo your home.
  • Carpets & paintings:If you choose not to be too loud or obvious with imbibing the Indian tradition, this is a good way of doing it. Carpets can be subtle and classy.

Another elegant way would be to hang some classic Indian paintings. India is rich with traditional styles of paintings that are unique.

Bring your home to the spotlight of traditional decor with these ideas!


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